Grow your connections and create new business opportunities at an AMI virtual event

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Connect with your customers at an AMI virtual event

  • Cost-effectively mobilise your team from multiple locations and build new contacts with your global audience

  • Access the full list of attendees and book one to one or group networking meetings over video

  • Discover who has engaged with your company and temperature check your leads

  • Raise your company profile to your targeted audience

  • Benefit from AMI’s extensive marketing campaigns

Like our in-person events, AMI's virtual events provide you with the opportunity to connect with your customers and promote your brand, expertise and products.

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"As an exhibitor and presenter, it was very good to be able to log in and see all the contact details of everyone attending. That gave us a lot more information about the people who were interested in what we are doing, and it gave the opportunity for them to contact us directly which was very good." 

Simon Girdlestone, Head of Sales and Marketing, Coda Group