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Exploring the latest technologies for automatically sorting plastics waste

Join the first ever Plastics Waste Sorting global event in March 2022. 

This new event is designed to showcase innovations in plastics sorting and separating technology direct from those companies involved. Specific to this event will be the latest insights and developments in plastics sorting technology and the important role it plays in increasing plastics recycling rates. Covering the spectrum of sorting technology including optical, robotic and machine learning, magnetic and density-based separation, BOSS as well as the use of digital watermarking. 

Connect with your customers at the Plastics Waste Sorting virtual summit. 

Plastics Waste Sorting virtual summit provides the ideal platform to launch your branding, messaging and business portfolio by becoming a sponsor.

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Plastics Waste Sorting virtual summit, taking place on 1-3 March 2022.

1-3 March 2022

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