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Ahead of the Chemical Recycling conference we took the opportunity to gather industry insights from our expert speakers. This week we spoke to Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar who will speaking on day one from our 'Key insights into the Chemical Recycling market' session. 

 In the interviews we asked about their current role, insight into the plastics recycling industry and what they will be speaking about at the Chemical Recycling conference in November.

3 - 4 November, 2020 | Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar
 Secretary General 
Chemical Recycling Europe  

Please tell us about your current role. What are your key focus areas and responsibilities?

In my role as Secretary General for Chemical Recycling Europe, I am responsible for the continuous growing and development of the association which represent today 8 companies. Raising awareness about the important role of chemical recycling in sustainable development and circular economy, advocating for developing a supportive policy framework as well as fostering implementation of innovative chemical recycling technologies are among my priorities.

How do you see the plastics recycling industry developing and growing in the next three-to-five years?

Demand for recycled plastics in Europe is increasing, driven by legislation, economics and the need for sustainable use of resources. In the coming years, I believe chemical recycling become more widely understood and accepted by producers, governments, and consumers as a complementary solution to achieving a zero plastic waste society.

Industrialization through key partnerships and investments in technology and operational excellence would result in higher recycling rates, product quality and revenue.

What challenges do you currently face in the industry and how do you think these could be resolved in the future?

Chemical recycling is becoming an increasingly prominent complementary route for plastics waste in order to close the loop. To support the development of these new technologies, the right policies and regulations should be developed which can promote high rates of recycling happening in Europe and prevent plastic waste in the environment. The current waste management system makes it very difficult for companies offering better solutions to get access to waste plastic landfilled, incinerated, or exported. Efficient harmonized collection and segregation systems across European countries would secure the required feedstock for chemical recycling plants. In addition, an unequal playing field may become a barrier to eventual implementation of chemical recycling.

You will be speaking at the Chemical Recycling Conference 2020, could you give us a little preview on what you will be talking about?

During my presentation, I will provide an overview on recycling of polymeric waste in Europe and will discuss why chemical recycling matters. In addition, I will highlight policy challenges related to the development and implementation of chemical recycling technologies, and I will introduce the association and summarize its recent activities at the EU level.

Lastly, if you had to be one type of plastic, what would you be and why?

Any plastic which is recyclable either mechanically or chemically.

The Chemical Recycling conference launches in Hamburg, Germany from 3 - 4 November, 2020. This conference will bring together expert speakers from across the supply chain to address the viewpoints of recycling groups on how chemical recycling will find its place in the market and its viability for commercialisation. Key areas of focus will also include the range of technologies available for chemical recycling and their impact on the wider environment, as well as how chemical recycling is expected to aid in meeting national and international plastics recycling targets.   

In addition to the busy programme of presentations from leading stakeholders in the market, the conference will offer extensive networking opportunities in a focused exhibition area featuring displays from a range of suppliers.

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