Rigid Polyolefin Recycling -
Capacity, Technology and Recyclate usage 2019

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Developments in mechanical recycling technology are changing the shape of the plastics recycling industry and increasing the ability to recover more rigid polyolefins in a closed-loop system, helping to retain maximum value.  New opportunities are available for those who wish to take advantage of this changing and developing industry.

We are preparing a new authoritative report which will provide you with an independent quantitative analysis of the European mechanical rigid polyolefin recycling industry.

The study aims to quantify the market for rigid polyolefin recycling, analysing the supply and demand balance, along with an evaluation of current capacity in Europe. A detailed review of the end use applications for recyclate will be given, with an examination of potential future absorption.


Who should buy the report?

Plastics Recyclers
Get a clearer understanding of the competitive intensity, size and structure of each market within your industry, key players, key markets, consolidation and the possibilities within your adjacent markets.

Equipment Suppliers
Understand the size of the market and where the market is going with forecast capacity requirements for 2023 and 2030.

Suppliers & producers of polymer resin, compound & additives
Focus your understanding of end use applications, demand and production for PE and PP recyclate and where it can take volumes from virgin resin demand. 

Brand Owners & investors
Understand an industry that is gaining more importance to your customers and learn how to make recycling benefit your company. 

Recognise which end use applications can absorb recyclate.      

3-4 June 2019, Essen, Germany 

4-5 November 2019 Cleveland, OH, USA